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Editorial Keeping Kids Entertained

Posted on 22 September by

School Holidays are nearly here

The economy doesn’t seem to be looking any better, but the kids still want to have fun on their school holidays. While you may be tempted to just say “Sorry kids, maybe next time,” why not plan something inexpensive to give the kids something fun to do while they’re away from school?

Here's a list of low cost or no cost activities that you might like to try.

1. Go camping in the garden or backyard, or even just in the living room. If you already have a tent, this doesn’t cost a thing. Serve up some hotdogs and tell stories until you fall asleep.
2. Have a movie day if you don’t want to head outside. This is perfect for a rainy day. Rent a few kids movies and stock up on popcorn. 
3. Plant vegetables with the kids. You don’t even need a garden for this. Most of the fun comes from finding containers to recycle as pots, painting them, and planting the seeds. Choose something that grows fast and start on the first day of holidays, so the kids can see them grow each day.
4. Take a trip to the beach
5. Go to a local gallery or museum
6. Visit a farm
7. Head out to a local park and have a BBQ
8. Let them dig for fossils – bury a bunch of cheap dinosaurs toys in the yard or garden
9. Write a story with your kids
10. Write a play that they can act out
11. Have a masquerade party at your house
12. Take a road trip and stop at a café for lunch
13. Get a small face painting kit and paint the kids faces
14. Head out to a national park and do a bushwalk
15. Make fresh juices
16. Go for a bike ride
17. Use macaroni or costume store beads to make necklaces, bracelets and more
18. Grab a pair of binoculars and go bird watching
19. Plan a treasure hunt
20. Build a cubby house

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