Coffee Cup Recycling Bins

Posted on 24 June by

Australians use approximately 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. While reusable cups are growing in popularity, many people still prefer the convenience of a takeaway cup.

To help combat this growing waste problem, Menai Marketplace has partnered with Simply Cups, Australia's first coffee cup recycling program and have introduced two dedicated Coffee Cup Recycling Bins located in the Middle Entry Lift Lobby and the Food Court for our Retailers and Customers to support this war on waste and help make a positive difference to the environment.

Since the Simply Cups recycling program began in April 2017, over 6 million cups have been diverted from landfill Nationally with this tally growing on a daily basis. Instead, Simply Cups have worked with innovators to transform the disposable cups into new products, including building materials, garden beds, bench seats and kerbing with more exciting product ranges to be announced in the coming months.

From January 2020 to April 2021, Menai Marketplace & Simply Cups have diverted over 50,000 cups from landfill.